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Frequently Asked Questions


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Are the cars chauffeur-driven?
Yes, all the wedding cars are driven by experienced, professional uniformed chauffeurs.

Can we see the cars before we book?
Of course you can! You are most welcome to view the wedding cars. Please complete the enquiry form or call us to arrange a time when the vehicle will be available.

What happens to the car during the wedding/reception? Will someone else use it?
Whatever you want to happen! We never book our cars for 2 weddings on the same day. Customer service is important to us, and we need to have time to prepare the cars to your exact specifications. It is impossible for us to prepare the car twice on the same day. This means that when you book one of our vehicles, you decide where it will be and when it will be there.

What If I Need More than Three Cars?
We partner with a number of prestige car hire firms across the country in order to be able to provide our customers with exactly what they need. So please do enquire.

What If The Car Breaks Down? Are You Insured?
All our cars are driven by experienced uniformed chauffeurs and are covered by full Passenger and Public Liability Insurance to the sum of £2,000,000. We never book our cars out for more than one wedding in a day, so in the highly unlikely case of a breakdown, we will swap cars and make as many journeys as necessary to transport you to and from your wedding venue(s) in the greatest of luxury.

How Do I Book?
Its very simple. You can book online by completing an enquiry form, or over the phone by calling 01767 651666. We do require a deposit of £100 per car, which is non refundable. You will be invoiced for the balance one month before the wedding, and you can pay by cheque, debit card or credit card, or you can make a BACS payment.

Enjoy The Journey
A tailored service
Don't start your day at the church, be pampered all the way there.

What if We Cancel the Wedding?
The deposit is non-refundable because once your booking is made, the car is reserved and cannot be booked by anyone else. However, if you cancel or postpone your wedding more than one month before the date, you will not be charged for the hire. Please see our terms and conditions for details. If you have to postpone your wedding and re-book, your original deposit can be carried forward to the new date.

Do You Do Civil Partnerships?
Yes. We cater for all gay and lesbian weddings, civil partnerships and any ceremony. Whatever you want on your special day, we undertake to provide to the best of our ability.

How Many People Does Each Car Take?
Generally, we use the Rolls Royce as the bridal car. It has a large rear seat and can comfortably fit 3, but usually it is just the bride and the father of the bride travelling to the wedding then the bride and groom to the reception. The Daimler is a 7-seater, usually booked for the mother of the bride, parents of the groom together with the bridesmaids and page boys. But of course, it is entirely up to you, there are no rules when it comes to planning your wedding.

Are Children Allowed in the Cars?
By law, we are not allowed to carry children under the age of three. Older children may travel in the back of the cars, but please be aware that our Rolls Royce is a vintage car and does not have any rear seat belts. Our Daimler does have rear belts, and we are more than happy to use your child restraint or booster seat for extra security.

Can You Smoke in the Car?
No, sorry. All our cars are strictly non-smoking.